Phocus: Portrait mode editor App Reviews

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Makes your phone current

I wanted to trade my iPhone SE so that I could have the camera features of a 7 Plus and newer, but this app truly does exactly what the XS does. Just as good too. So, I decided to upgrade to an iPhone 8. The camera is already good. This app makes the phone as any XS or XS Max. It’s all about software!!!

good app

good app but need some fixes to be good more than ,, long time no update why ??

Not compatible with Apple portrait mode

I wanted an app that could edit portrait mode photos taken on iPhone X. This app DOES NOT do that. It loads up your portrait mode photos, throws out the depth map, and makes a bad guess at the subject of the photo. Also, tools are hidden under the iPhone X notch and inaccessible.


This is a complete scam don’t waste ur money

Cannot share pictures.

Cannot share pictures. Will does not save to my photos. I Text support to let them know and got no response.

App malfunction? Or is it my phone?

It’s not letting me edit any of my photos, whenever I click a photo it says that it can’t get it from my photo library, anyone know why?!

False Promise

This app doesn’t do anything! My background hasn’t changed and all I can do is “blur” the object in photo, and nothing else. Can’t save it, nothing. What a complete waste. All positive reviews are paid for or something.

Do not buy

I had high hopes for this app but it doesn’t deliver and the photo used as an example have definitely been taken in a studio not in an iPhone. Do not waste your money. They will not refund you.

No install

Hi bro? No install this program your iphone 8? Why?

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I really like this app, I have only one problem with it and two suggestions. First problem is that it does not always auto focus on the right image, which is easy to adjust, but for convenience hopefully that can be fixed. My second suggestion is making the app sort of like an alternate camera, one which allows users to see the depth effect in action like the regular portrait mode camera is, face detection maybe? Overall it’s a great app and I would definitely recommend.


The blur effect rarely detects the foreground like indicated and often warps some of the photo so it's very obvious. Not the quick and easy photo app it's made out to be.

It’s not what you expect

Hey everyone, very disappointed. VERY LIMITED. The fact that they charged $3.99 isn’t the worse, but the fact that this app doesn’t do anything special and will get you really frustrated trying to figure functions that’s are actually not there for you. The result is very fake. I’m a photographer and I like to play with apps to expand my possibilities and art, but here I juts most few bucks.

Not so good

Only 4 function

crate for ipad

its excellent but it can improve if they crate ipad version

Worse app

It’s horrible. I can even use the pictures I want either they to big or the splash is only in certain parts. The studio is a waste of effort, I’m so mad I pay 3.99 for something I can do in a free collage.

Not what I thought it was

It is not worth the money. I thought there were more filter options but there are only four or five. I need to get my money back

need manual lightening

Somtimes this app cannot detect the focused person. Then I paint area manually. Result is terrible in that case. I want manual light option, and smart selecting like AfterFocus app.

good app

it's so good absolutely perfect app

Easy to use

Good to use

Still needs work

It will sometimes, for studio lighting, darken other areas. It works best only under certain circumstances, and even then, it doesn’t do that great of a job.

It’s very stable.

I like the simplicity of this app. There is no bug. I will use this app for a long time.


Is a very useful and creative photo editing software

More info

How do you blur the back ground? It didn’t even tell me. I am not happy with this app

very good

it's a OK

Good app

I've been wanting to try this app for awhile works great and easy to use Sometimes doesn't separate the background from me but it can easily be fixed. great idea would be to change the bokeh shapes / effects Like: stars ,oval,hexagon but make it look realistic meaning no bright colors just a clear transparency like real bokeh Also wish I could use another brush that lets only 25-50% of the effects of bokeh take effect to make it to make the transition flow smoothly (This of course will be unable in the mono/black and white) that solely focuses on the person only while the other lighting is not These are some ideas for you to use Haven't seen apps that could do that yet for portrait photos. Yeah there's apps to add fake bokeh that you can use but it's big and looks awful.

Phocus app

It’s a great app. It’s as great as the IPhone 7+ camera’s Portrait Mode App. Whoever made this app they did a very good job!!! You should definitely get this app. Awesome app!!!!



I love it

I love this app

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I was waiting for someone to develop this type of app Amazing work... keep up the good work This app is epic🌟🙌

Need more update!

Great app But please add more intelligence for detecting portrait photos Regards

Great app

No water mark. Smart lines. Great effects

Needs more work

The app is getting greater after each update however I’m still waiting for an option to detect edges automatically to help detecting the object we want to focus on easily. I hope we will receive this option in the next update because it exists in some apps over two years.


Make this app a photo extension so you can add the blurt effects right inside the photos app. That would help for the older phones that don’t have the dual cameras etc. to get that blur effect right inside the photos app. I have iPhone SE and I use this app all the time for portrait mode blur. With a little more fine tuning of the auto photo blur , this app would be perfect. Sometimes the app doesn’t separate the person from the background too great. I know it works off of software only. But the google pixel does this with one camera also. Thanks. I hope I’m not asking for too much. I just really like the app and want to see it better.

This app is garbage

This app is garbage


Like everyone said, money wasted to a con artist.


Can’t even download photo from phone to use app. Try to contact company through app and got an internal error. Waste of money.


So far the worst purchase of 2018. Horrible controls for what should be done automatically.


A great many possibilities for minimal cost! Thank you


This app is the absolute WORST app ever. I'm so mad I even paid for it. It doesn't even work properly. The shading cuts off half of your picture. It's not even worth half of a star. I chose one star because you had to select a star to post.

Not worth a penny

Whatever “edit” you need use the Apple’s software. This app is completely worthless.

Good but

Please improve Portrait Lighting and tool edit Thanks

Easy editing for great effect

Does a good job of automatically adding blur effect, with an intuitive editing process to control the final result.

Doesn't work

Cannot for the life of me figure out how to get this to work. Can't believe I paid for it.

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